Automated X-ray Inspection

To replace II Tube inspection system based on optic method, support quality inspection solution on in-line & off-line for X-ray Non-destructive testing, PCB, Battery Automotive electronics & parts, and Semiconductor.

  • Non-destructive testing in Automotive electronics and parts
  • Battery Manufacturing
  • SMT, PCB Production
  • in-line & Off-line Semiconductor Inspection

For tested items of high density such as H-beam, Pipe, Steel etc. or easy explosive weapons such as Shells, mines, firearms, & cannons, support the inspection solution of circuit with speedy.

  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Power generation
  • Construction
  • Oil, Gas

In airport, such as all baggage inspections, unidentified stored items, surveillance of explosives, explosive inspection & weapons maintenance at exhibition area, and belonging and surrounding items inspection to guard for high-level officer, to support exploring X-ray solution.

  • Customs, airport
  • IED
  • EOD
  • VIP protection

To support speed & mobile x-ray inspection solution for general radiography, chiropractic, neonatal, extremity, medical solution for size and usage, fine pitch products & computed tomography, and Fluoroscopy, etc.

Dental (CBCT)

Dental CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) is a type of computed tomography (CT) technique, which uses x-rays, projected outwards in the shape of a cone, to produce medical images.