What is duoPIX™
duoPix-ray’s cutting-edge technology in design and architecture of 2 TFT based X-ray panel with its own exclusive patents globally.
duoPIX-ray's imaging sensor with duoPIX technology provides the performance of Ultra-High Resolution, Ultra-low noise, High Dynamic Range, and Ultra-low power consumption.
duoPIX™ Technology
  • Individual Pixel Reset ☞ Low Dark Level
  • Wide Dynamic Range (Bright-Dark)
  • Fill the Max design (Fill Factor↑)
  • ˙Lowest Image lag at Highest frame rate
  • ˙Wide Dynamic range of Image
  • ˙Low-noise and high-sensitivity image at low-dose
  • ˙Outstanding Image quality & Accurate Inspection
  • ˙Cutting down Inspection time
  • ˙Reduces the production tack time